“See the person not the label”

– Temple Grandin

Getting to Know You

Activities that include games to learn about each with socialization and interaction with peers. This is a highly interactive activity. Some language skills are helpful but not necessary to enjoy this activity. Facilitators are available to assist students. Purpose of this activity is to engage with others while having fun. Such games are, scavenger hunts, Bingo, silly name game. Hot potato-say your NamePlay, etc.

Structured Games

Two board games will be selected for the hour. Games are for 2-4 players. A facilitator will guide and help kids to take turns and learn how to play the game. There will be 1 facilitator to 4 kids. The purpose of this activity is to learn turn taking, socialize, and have fun. Examples of games are: connect 4, Don’t break the ice, Jenga, cards, candy land and more.

Arts and Crafts

There are two age groups for this activity. This activity enhances creativity and socialization. A new craft or art project will be given at each class. There will be several different art arts and crafts activities to choose from. Some activities include the following, jewelry making, ceramics, painting, clay modeling and much more. All activities are organized and supervised.

Family Meditation

Parents, caregivers, siblings all invited to attend. This is a visual guided meditation with some easy yoga moves and visual activates where you use your senses to learn calming and relaxation exercises along with self empowerment to strengthen power over self.

Campfire Songs

This is a sing along, or just a listen along. Students sit in a circle while a guitarist plays and sings songs These are easy songs to learn. Those who want to sing or those who just want to listen to the music. All are welcome.

Support Groups and Lunch (No Fee)

Support groups are offered twice a month. Stace Katzman is the facilitator. Parents and caregivers are invited to share their stories, receive support from each other and parenting tips as well. Bring your own lunch. Share, eat, make new friends and relax.

Special Speaker of the Month (No Fee)

Each month a speaker will come and speak in the evening. The speakers are uniquely selected. Each speaker will have valuable information to share. Parents, caregivers, teachers, etc. are welcome to this monthly event.

Yin Yoga (NEW!)

Recommended ages (16-28). Easy floor poses that increase flexibility, promote relaxation. Also, help to calm the whole person. Exercises are adapted and easy for anyone to do.


Include Me Too is a place where everyone is treated and respected equally. Labels and diagnosis are left outside, while the whole person comes in and begins their journey of love and acceptance. To be around others and interact at the satisfaction of the individual. The amount of participation is up to the child or adult. The purpose of “Include me too” is for each person to experience recreational time like others without disabilities. Complete freedom to let go and be yourself while learning, having fun and being with others. To be a part of something. To be accepted. To be INCLUDED.

“When you have a disability, knowing that you are not defined by it is the sweetest feeling.”

– Anne Wafula Strike

About Stace Katzman, M.S.

Stace was born and raised in Livingston New Jersey until the age of 10. Thereafter she relocated with her family to Hollywood, Florida and she has since considered herself a Floridian. In middle school when Stace was asked what she wanted to do as a profession she already knew it was to work with children. Stace began her studies in psychology at Florida State University (FSU) and obtained her Undergraduate Degree after transferring to Georgia State University (GSU) due to their exceptional child psychology program. Stace graduated GSU with a BS in Psychology as well as a Minor in Special Education…

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My Story

My story begins when I was a child, growing up with a brother who faced educational and social obstacles. I felt his struggles, as they were close to my heart. I wanted so much for him to be treated equally and I wanted other children who faced similar struggles to be treated equally as well. It was this life experience and many others that led me towards the desire to help children…

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Our Classes

Individual Class: 15.00 (First Class is FREE) Packages: 5 Classes – 65.00 / 10 Classes – 120.00 • Getting to Know You • Structured Games • Arts and Crafts • Family Meditation • Campfire Songs

*Some art classes may have added fee for materials. Family meditation there is no charge for parents or caregivers. Maximum capacity for each class is 8, please register ahead of time to secure your place in class.

 FREE • Parent ED and Lunch (bring your own lunch) coffee and beverages will be available • Monthly Speaker • Support Group

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Please register ahead of time as classes fill up quickly.

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