“See the person not the label”

– Temple Grandin

Our Classes

Act of Kindness_1

Act of Kindness

Ages 13+



Kids, Teens and Young Adult

Structured Board Games_3

Structured Board Games

Ages 8-14, 15-21, 22-28 (1 hour)

Getting to Know You_4

Getting To Know You

Ages 8-14, 15-21, 22-28 (1 hour)

Class Description

Teens and young adults with disabilities are taken care of by their parents, siblings, guardians, peers and therapists. This class is a time to give to others. To feel what it is like to help another person. Helping other people and showing them kindness brings a sense of purpose, feelings of inclusion, and equality. 

Sometimes these qualities need to be taught or shown. When you learn how to thank people who do for you and do acts of kindness for others a true sense of belonging becomes real.

In each class new “acts of kindness” will be introduced; Creating cards of love and thankfulness to family members and supportive people; Making presents for those who are ill; Creating gifts for family and friends; Using complimentary cards to say something nice about each person in the class… There are so many ways to be kind. Students will learn how to incorporate “Acts of Kindness” into their everyday life.

Take home instructions will be given to each teen/adult along with their parents to help them make suggestions to follow this practice at home.

Class Description

Yoga is offered several times a week. All age groups welcome.
Classes are small with a maximum of 6 participants ensuring more personalized instruction.

Each class begins with simple breathing exercises that help to create a sense of calm within, followed by Yoga poses and that are therapeutic in numerous ways for your children with special needs. 

Stace Katzman, Owner/Director of Include Me Too will be your YOGA Therapist. 

Stace has been a student of Yoga for more than 20 Years. During that time she has studied and become proficient in the disciplines of Hatha, Yin, and Bikrum. She is also a Level 1 trained Yoga Therapist for children with Autism and Special Needs. Stace will be completing her Level 2 training this year. Stace received her Level 1 Training from Louise Goldberg, Owner/Teacher at the Yoga Center in Deerfield Beach. Louise is also the author of “Yoga Therapy For Children With Autism and Special Needs”. 

This class is a very unique kind of Yoga. Stace combines her decades of training as a child therapist, her decades of experiences in Yoga training and her unconditional acceptance philosophy to encourage calm and inner self-control for children and young adults.

Class Description

Board Games are a fun and natural way to socialize and encourage interaction amongst peers. Playing a game, one on one, in a group or as a team, is an easy way to get involved and be included. 

Include Me Too Peer Volunteers participate in the activity equally and along with the students in this class. There is 1 facilitator to every 4 participants to assist with rules and learning the game. Additional IMT Volunteers, (based upon availability) are also available to individually assist a student at the parent or caregiver’s request. 

Games include; Connect Four, Junior Monopoly, Jenga, Don’t Break The Ice, Trouble, Sorry, Candyland, Guess Who, Kerplunk, Cards, Checkers, Tic Tac Toe, Don’t Spill The Beans, Mancala, and more. Games are always selected according to age group and student’s game playing skills. This assures success, support, gameplaying, fun and socialization.

Class Description

These activities include games to learn about each other while socializing and interacting with peers. 

The purpose of these types of games are to engage the participant with his/her peers through direct interaction while having fun. Such games are, Scavenger Hunts, Silly Name Game, Hot Potato, Picnic, Treasure Hunt, Musical Chairs, Freeze Dance and more.

This is a highly interactive activity. Some language skills are helpful, but not necessary. Facilitators are available to assist participants.

Creative Art Projects_5

Creative Art Projects

Ages 8+ (1 hour)

Campfire Songs_6

Campfire Songs

Offered monthly.
Ages 5+ (50 minutes, Free)



Ages 6+ (Fridays 6:30-8:00, $15.00 entrance fee. Pay at door)

Science Experiments_5

Science Experiments

Ages 8-14, 15-21, 22-28
(1 hour)

Class Description

Art is a creative expression that is individual and unique to each person. This is an opportunity for students to produce an art project with other participants in a relaxed setting. 

Each week a fun and exciting new project will be made by the students. This will give everyone a chance to create a project in their own individual way. Art projects include; Calm Down Bottles, Paper Mache’, Sponge Art, Stain Glass With Tissue Paper, Tie-Dye, Rain-Sticks, Glitter Balls, and more.

Class Description

A guitarist and singer will entertain and lead the group to sing a variety of fun and easy songs to follow along. This is a sing along, or a listen along. 

Participants sit in a circle while the guitarist plays and sings songs. Some songs will be taught, and some songs will have easy participation. This is a wonderful way for all members of the family to participate together. Those who desire to sing, may sing and those who desire to listen, may listen. All are welcome.

Class Description

Good old-fashioned BINGO. Get ready to shout out BINGO. Each player receives 4 cards, one for each game. The caller will pick random numbers. When a number is called each player will put a chip on that number. Once the player fills in the spaces to make a line or an “X” they will shout out or raise their hand to let all know they have BINGO. 

Participants may bring a sibling or a parent or come alone. This is a fun and exciting activity. Everyone receives a prize winner or not.

Class Description

Each science experiment is designed to enhance each participants understanding of everyday physical sciences. Each class will have a different topic, with hands on activities and immerse learning experiences while having fun and socializing.

Science experiments include: Lava Lamp,(teaches chemical reactions), Tornado In A Jar, (teaches weather), Colored Celery Experiment (learn about plants), Water Xylophone (teaches sound waves), Light Refraction (teaches light waves) Popsicle Stick Catapults (learn about machines), and so much more…….

Support Groups_3

Support Groups

For parents and caregivers. Wednesday’s twice monthly.

Guest Speaker_4

Guest Speaker

Offered monthly.
Everyone welcome (Free)



Offered quarterly. Ages 10+

Class Description

One session takes place from 12:30-1:30. Bring your lunch. The second session takes place later that night from 7:00-8:00. Come to one or come to both. Both support groups are always free.

Stace Katzman is the facilitator. Each session will begin with a short meditation and calming aromatherapy to destress and relax. Parents and caregivers are invited and encouraged to share their stories and knowledge, learn together and receive support from each other. The session will conclude with Stace imparting (discussion relevant) behavior and parenting tips as well as answering any questions from the group.

Class Description

Once a month a special person will provide valuable information to families of children and young adults with disabilities.  Information such as Legal Guardianship and Trusts, Education and Health Issues, to name a few. More exciting speakers and topics to come so that we may continue to be well informed to serve our children’s best interests. 

This event occurs one time a month in the evening. Please check website for day and time. (includemetooboca.com) Everyone is welcome but please be aware that there will be no supervision available at this event.

Class Description

This is a very special activity that requires advanced registration. Students will be building their own rockets from 2 liter plastic soda bottles, wrapping paper, party hats, cardboard, tape, scissors and markers. 

This activity is modeled after the SECME program of Palm Beach County. After rockets are built, they will be launched. This is a 2-hour activity. One parent or guardian is required to assist their child.

Include Me Too Volunteer Workshops

FREE • Earn 2 Community Service Hours

Learn how you can be an integral part of our community in assisting disabled children and young adults.
This 2-hour workshop is a unique training as it emphasizes on how to connect with and provide compassion to those meeting challenges.

Those who want to be a part of making a difference are welcome to attend.
Additionally, this is a required workshop for those individuals interested in volunteering at Include Me Too.

Located at Include Me Too
Dates and times of workshops: December 2019 – August 2020
(Second Saturday of each monthly) 10:00 am -12:00 pm

December 14, 2019

January 11, 2020

February 8, 2020

March 14, 2020

April 11, 2020

May 9, 2020

June 11, 2020


August 11, 2020


Include Me Too is a place where everyone is treated and respected equally.
Labels and diagnosis are left outside, while the whole person comes in and begins their journey of love and acceptance. To be around others and interact at the satisfaction of the individual. The amount of participation is up to the child or adult. The purpose of “Include me too” is for each person to experience recreational time like others without disabilities. Complete freedom to let go and be yourself while learning, having fun and being with others. To be a part of something. To be accepted.

“When you have a disability,
knowing that you are not defined by it is the sweetest feeling.”

– Anne Wafula Strike



About Stace Katzman, M.S.

Stace was born and raised in Livingston New Jersey until the age of 10. Thereafter she relocated with her family to Hollywood, Florida and she has since considered herself a Floridian. In middle school when Stace was asked what she wanted to do as a profession she already knew it was to work with children. Stace began her studies in psychology at Florida State University (FSU) and obtained her Undergraduate Degree after transferring to Georgia State University (GSU) due to their exceptional child psychology program. Stace graduated GSU with a BS in Psychology as well as a Minor in Special Education…

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My Story

My story begins when I was a child, growing up with a brother who faced educational and social obstacles. I felt his struggles, as they were close to my heart. I wanted so much for him to be treated equally and I wanted other children who faced similar struggles to be treated equally as well. It was this life experience and many others that led me towards the desire to help children…

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Our Classes

Individual Class: 15.00 (First Class is FREE)

5 paid classes and the 6th class is free.
(this does not include Arts and Crafts)

• Getting to Know You
• Structured Games
• Arts and Crafts
• Family Meditation
• Campfire Songs

*Some art classes may have added fee for materials.
Family meditation there is no charge for parents or caregivers.
Maximum capacity for each class is 8, please register ahead of time to secure your place in class.


• Parent ED and Lunch (bring your own lunch) coffee and beverages will be available
• Monthly Speaker
• Support Group

Please register ahead of time as classes fill up quickly.

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