My Story

My Story

My story begins when I was a child, growing up with a brother who faced educational and social obstacles. I felt his struggles, as they were close to my heart. I wanted so much for him to be treated equally and I wanted other children who faced similar struggles to be treated equally as well. It was this life experience and many others that led me towards the desire to help children. 

As I grew older my love for children and my passion to help others only grew stronger to healing children of many different problems. I sought to help children irrespective of specific disability be it physical, mental, and/or emotional. I cared very much for their well-being. 

I completed my education as a Licensed Mental health Counselor. Which verified my true desire to be a child advocate and help as many children as possible.

In my field as a Counselor for children I was always thinking of the child as an individual, how he or she was feeling, what they would want and of course what was best for them. I felt deep compassion for their parents deep and profound desire for their child to live a full deep and satisfying life. It became obvious to me that my assessment and treatment practice and philosophy was unique and not usually appreciated or accepted by Therapists, Psychologists, Teachers, Psychiatrists and most others in my chosen field. 

I always sided with the parents and the child, I was their protector, defender and advocate. I was always thinking of the child as a person and how he or she was feeling as well as the parent wanting so much for their child to be happy in life. I saw this above all the labels, diagnosis, and rigid system. Children were categorized and placed in classrooms and environments separated from others of the norm. It was thought that these children would need to be in a special setting and environment with someone who specialized in their condition. This kind of categorizing and separating does little to foster equality, individuality and acceptance.

In all my years as a therapist I have rarely heard the concern of question “what will make the child happy?”. To be happy is not as easy as the word sounds. Happiness must come from within. To create this kind of joy a child needs the support of the outside environment to facilitate, build confidence, give acceptance, love and foster a sense of self-worth.

These core values and beliefs remained with me and I carried them on into motherhood. Raising three children. One of them who has many medical challenges. This only strengthened my philosophy. 

One of my children was challenged with many medical complications. He is my teacher and taught me more than all the schooling as a counselor and caring for hundreds of other children and adolescents could ever teach me. He brought me back to my youth and my main purpose. The happiness and joy of other children. 

I first created “Mind body Therapy” a client centered approach to help and heal the whole person. A therapy-based center for children and adolescents. I advocated, counseled, advised, and involved caregivers into therapy as we worked as a team to bring their child balance and joy. My philosophy continued on towards healing the whole child and look out for their happiness. From this evolved the expansion to reach out to a broader population including all disabilities. A place where children and young adults of many disabilities would feel happy, safe and included. 

Include me too Boca is exactly that. A safe place without judgement. Where your label is left outside the door. There are lots of fun classes where you can learn, have fun, and interact with others. It is a place of full acceptance, support and love. My dream is for it to grow to provide as many classes and activities that children and young adults with disabilities wish to find. My wish is for each individual to feel “genuine happiness”