The Power of Thought Can Help Heal Your Child

The Power of Thought Can Help Heal Your Child

March 6, 2019 Uncategorized 0

I often find myself repeating these words in my mind, “what you think about, you bring about”; words I read long ago, in a book called “The Secret”. The thoughts we have are connected to our emotions. Our emotions are part of our vibrational being. Our thoughts shape our lives and the lives of those around us. A thought that is connected to an emotion of love and joy will radiate. By thinking positive thoughts and feeling joyful you are changing the environment around you. Our children, who absorb everything in their environment, are picking up on our vibrations of emotion all the time.

We can do so much to teach our kids how to have inner joy and build self-esteem just by changing our thoughts and teaching them to do the same. For example a parent may have this thought; “I wish my child would listen and stop driving me crazy”. These thoughts are connected to feelings. If the parent has a sense of humor, and these thoughts bring acceptance and love, then “BRAVO”! However, these kinds of thoughts are typically connected to feelings of disapproval, frustration and anger. The child is a strong receiver and will receive this message without hearing any words attached to it.

We spend so much time controlling and trying to fix children that our focus is on what we don’t want/love rather then what we do want/love. Focus on what you expect and all that you love.

Many of us have been programmed to experience thoughts of non-acceptance, which are presented to us throughout our childhood and continue on into adulthood. We are judged, corrected, and mostly told what is not acceptable, not approved of, and not desired. These thoughts are felt so strongly. As we develop, we learn our behavior is not acceptable; we are not acceptable, we are not “ENOUGH”. With low self-esteem and self-judgment, our thoughts become negative, un-empowering, and doubtful. This is passed down to our children and the cycle begins again. We can begin to change this and end the cycle with positive thoughts that heal.

To begin this process, think about what you want and love about your child, instead of what you dislike and do not want. This positive vibration will be felt by your child. Just by thinking good thoughts and having joyful emotions you are teaching your child to do the same. Healing has begun.

Stace Ann Katzman, MS, is a practicing psychotherapist and homeopath who lives in Boca Raton and is the founder of Mind-Body Therapy for Kids. She can be reached at or 561-252-7983.

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